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Civil War Flags

These collectible Civil War Flags and regimental flags, feature the flags of the Union and the Confederacy.

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Union Cavalry Guidon
Replicating the swallowtail Union cavalry guidon from the Civil War, this screen-printed, polyester flag includes a canvas header, reinforced edging and brass lugs. 5'x 3'.


Confederate Field Artillery Flag
Distinguished by its square dimensions and white borders, this flag is a faithful re-creation of that used by Confederate Artillery units. Constructed of Nyl-Glo for resistance to color fading. Measures 5'x 3'.


69th Irish Brigade Flag
Carried into battle by the 69th New York, this flag features a golden harp topped by white clouds and a yellow sunburst; a field of light green shamrocks; and the Brigade motto "who never retreated from the clash of spears" in the Old Irish (not Gaelic), "Riamh Nar Dhruid O Spairn Iann". 5'x 3' polyester flag includes metal grommets. $9.95
General Lee's Headquarters Flag
This flag was used by Confederate General Robert E. Lee during and shortly after the Gettysburg campaign to help identify his headquarters. 5'x 3'. Confederate Flags. $49.95



Union 34-Star Flag
This premium quality, screen-printed reproduction of the official U.S. flag flown from July 4, 1861, to July 3, 1863, features one star for every state, including those of the Confederacy. Made of polyester with reinforced edging and brass lugs, it measures 5'x 3' $12.99
Union 34-Star Flag
The official U.S. flag from July 4th 1861 to July 4th 1863, this flag included one star for every state - including those of the Confederacy. 5'x 3'. $49.95


First Confederate National Flag
This flag was the first attempt at standardizing the national flag of the Confederacy. Early in the war, after the fall of Fort Sumter, this was the flag seen over Charleston Harbor. 5'x 3'. $49.95
First Confederate National Flag
This screen-printed, polyester replica of the first official flag of the Confederacy (the seven-star “Stars and Bars,” which was adopted on March 4, 1861) includes a canvas header, reinforced edging and brass lugs. 5'x 3'. $12.95


Confederate Flag
This screen-printed, polyester replica of the Confederate flag, a rectangular variant of the battle flag carried by some Confederate units in the Civil War, includes a canvas header, reinforced edging and brass lugs. 5'x 3'. $12.95
Third Confederate National Flag
Adopted in 1865, this flag was the final design adopted by the Confederate government. 5'x 3'.


Selections From
Civil War (34 Stars) Flag Polyester II 3 ft. x 5 ft.
Our historical flags are unsurpassed in quality and authenticity. This Civil War flag has sewn stripes, printed stars and 2 brass grommets on the left used for hanging. This Polyester 2 version has the look and feel of cotton, but is much more durable.
New 3x5 US Civil War Confederate Bonnie Blue Flag
3 foot by 5 foot Polyester Flag with sharp vivid colors. Comes with 2 Metal Gromments for easy mounting to a flag pole (or wall) & a Canvas Hem for long lasting strength. For outdoor or indoor use.
● 3 Foot by 5 Foot
● Lightweight Polyester
● Sharp Vivd Colors
● Indoor-Outdoor
● 2 Metal Grommets For Easy Mounting with Canvas Hem for long lasting strength
The Union Civil War 3ft x 5ft Polyester flag
Durable The Union Civil War Flag size 3ft x 5ft printed on a high tech silky looking knitted polyester fabric. Compares in quality and durability to more expensive nylon flags and not the cheap polyester flags sold by other vendors. These flags have a sturdy nylon header and 2 brass grommets. Superknit brand polyester flags are made exclusively for Online Stores, Inc. outside of the US.
2nd Confederate Flag 3x5 NEW 3 x 5 Civil War Banner
Product Description
Material: Polyester,colorfast dyes;
Fitting: 2 metal grommets for easy mounting;
Color: Blue & Red & White;
Condition: Brand new and suitable for any weather

Specific Regimental Flags

26th ALABAMA...Civil War Confederate Flag


26th North Carolina....Civil War, Confederate Flag

28th North Carolina, Civil War Confederate Flag

6th KENTUCKY...Civil War Confederate Flag

3rd KENTUCKY....Confederate Civil War Flag


4th Arkansas....Civil War, Confederate Flag

50th VIRGINIA, Confederate Civil War Battle Flag

34 Star, Civil War American Flag of the 20th Maine Infantry

Framed, Confederate Cavalry Civil War Flag....8th Texas Rangers

11th MISSISSIPPI....Civil War Confederate Flag

3'x5' Confederate Civil War Flag...6th Louisiana Irish


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